Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dynasty Begins....Intro

This the official blog of Lershaun O'Brien and Njisane Phillip....We are cousins and we are the future of greatness....Ok well that's enough bragging...A little about us

Njisane (J)- So for all of you that don't know this kid he's cyclings best prospect....He aint even 18 yet (soon to be though MAY 29) and he's smashin on guys 10 years older than him....Guys that are supposed to be in there greatest form....Im not gonna keep hypin him up too much but trust me if he doesn't become one of the world's greatest cyclists then i really don't know what to say about that sport....Keep an eye on the blog for updates on his career and for dates and stuff

Lershaun (L)- So i'm the L in the title....What do I do? i don't know really....My heart is in the arts and fashion....My dreams are becoming a retail mogul....opening up the next big franchise.....or maybe i'll succeed as an actor....who knows...I got dreams but I do a little of everything so i'm not too worried....right now i'm in school for international business though....i don't have any amazing talents like J does lol....look out for me day ill be rich and famous or maybe just rich lol as long as I can shop the rest of my days away ill be happy

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