Thursday, April 29, 2010

Live a Little

"You take life too seriously...."

It's a phrase I've heard time and time again. It's starting to hit home with me lately. Anyone that truly knows me knows I'm on a mission to succeed. I'm trying to live above and beyond. I'm not trying to be like my parents, I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to be better for them, and for me, and for my children to come. But among all of the things I think of, I plan, I execute, I seem to forget one little fact....I'M ONLY 19!! More recently I've been making time for partying and hanging out but what I started to notice was that going to work was more important to me than living a little. It seemed more important to take on some headache than smile a little. I'll settle to keep this one short. The end all be all is that everyone has to live a little. Everyone should make time to have some fun. Be responsible but LIVE YOUR LIFE. I'm working on ridding myself of this one little issue....Always chasing a dollar. These days I've just been living. Not worrying about how much I'm spending but how much fun I'll have. DO IT AND ENJOY IT.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I get here and I realize some things....

First of all, college isn't for everyone. College isn't even for some of the people that generally do well in their academic endeavors. I can safely say so because I am one of those people. Once you start to think about your goals and your purpose in college things start to disconnect. I have always been a pretty goal oriented person and I've always chased the knowledge necessary to get where I want to go on my own. I came to college and realized that the degree I was chasing, I could have studied independently and been alot more successful than people receiving these degrees. It makes sense to go to college for something technical. To become a doctor, or architect, or engineer, or physicist. But not a business owner.

AND THEN.... You learn that gaining a degree means absolutely nothing. What you find out is that in almost every industry it isn't what you know but who you know. The saying has been CONFIRMED. This past year, I've gotten further along in the fashion and entertainment industry through networking than I have by studying and using my college boy title. Through the people I know, I've gotten my whole foot in the water now instead of just my toe. I have yet to become fully involved but I've heard that you learn while you start working and not really while you're in school. It is easy to teach theory but difficult to understand it. And theory itself doesn't help you prove yourself in the field.

LASTLY....PROFESSORS!!!! UGH!!! Remember when I said that college may not even be for some people who have always been good in school? Well one of the reasons why is that college doesn't guarantee that you learn anything. What I began to observe is that most people only apply themselves to keep their GPA up. Most people only try to get that A. It isn't really about what you learn because you tend to forget it the next semester anyway. Now that being said...I learn that college is only a game of strategy. That working hard and studying everyday and doing all of your homework and taking a lot of notes doesn't guarantee you that A. I learned that it's all about the professors you choose. This semester is probably going to be my worst semester ever and only because of the professors I have. I'm not a learn from the book type of person. 3 of my 4 professors I don't quite understand. One of them has a terribly annoying voice and overwhelming accent. Her notes don't quite match her tests. The second of the 3 rants and raves while trying to explain the subject. He finds ways to throw his opinion about politics and policies every chance he gets completely losing site of the reason he is there. He also teaches as though we should already know these things. If we knew it, we wouldn't be sitting in your class. The last of the four has no thorough grasp of the subject. He talks and talks. No structure, no organization, no sense of where he is and where he's going. He also has trouble with names and dates and considering it's history he SHOULD. MY GPA may sky rocket next semester considering the ratings I found on are the real deal. I'm going after the easy A's. But now I feel like I shouldn't have to pay this much money to chase an A verses chasing some actual knowledge. Sadly, the only class I'm doing really well in is a class I took my sophmore year in high school. A SHAME.

College isn't all it's cracked up to be. Don't be fooled. It's prestige only follows the idea that education is key. Don't be fooled. You may walk out learning nothing.

I Hate Politics

So today at school we had what they call a "Town Hall Meeting". The idea is that students can come and sit down and listen to representatives of student government address some of the changes being made and some of the concerns of the student body in front of an administrator. Well they encouraged us to come and join in the conversation and I decided that I had something to say. Some students raised valid points and others might have had good points if they were better able to articulate themselves. Anyway, what I started to realize was that with any concern or question raised by the student body, student government and administrators had an answer for everything. Now why that's an issue is because if they truly had all the answers we wouldn't have any concerns now would we? I guess people just like to hear, "We're working on that." My issue was with the lack of knowledge and communication in and between the different departments within the school. I can't receive the proper credit for my classes because no one knows what they count for. THAT'S A PROBLEM. I'm not really sure what I have to say about this town hall meeting in general but in the end I simply HATE POLITICS. They promise all of these things and I bet it still doesn't happen. I'll raise hell one of these days about this credit thing but I'll give them some time to figure it out first.