Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Hate Politics

So today at school we had what they call a "Town Hall Meeting". The idea is that students can come and sit down and listen to representatives of student government address some of the changes being made and some of the concerns of the student body in front of an administrator. Well they encouraged us to come and join in the conversation and I decided that I had something to say. Some students raised valid points and others might have had good points if they were better able to articulate themselves. Anyway, what I started to realize was that with any concern or question raised by the student body, student government and administrators had an answer for everything. Now why that's an issue is because if they truly had all the answers we wouldn't have any concerns now would we? I guess people just like to hear, "We're working on that." My issue was with the lack of knowledge and communication in and between the different departments within the school. I can't receive the proper credit for my classes because no one knows what they count for. THAT'S A PROBLEM. I'm not really sure what I have to say about this town hall meeting in general but in the end I simply HATE POLITICS. They promise all of these things and I bet it still doesn't happen. I'll raise hell one of these days about this credit thing but I'll give them some time to figure it out first.

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