Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok so firstly Njisane "Mr Amazing" Phillip:

well Jay's in Russia right now...Goin after a world record I believe tomorrow...Hopefully he's not too frustrated right now tho cuz apparently they couldnt find his bags...I think he'll pull it off tho...Anyway if you haven't found him on Facebook (or me for that matter) i'm not sure you're that important lol...If you have been keeping up you know that we've been doing video blogs to eachother the last week or so....check them out...Soon as I hear from Jay again I'll let yall know

Second order of business:

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guess who i ran into at starbucks the other day!!!!!!!!
MALIK YOBA!!!! For those of you that don't recognize him he used to act as one of the detectives on New York Undercover....He was cool, really chills, not too flashy....I like when celebrities are humble....Anyway he told me he's on a new series now called Defying Gravity on ABC sunddays at 10....Good Luck to him....His showing up at starbucks i feel was my calling to the acting world so I guess it's time lmao....Im joining an extra agency and building that resume...I swear I am....Wish me luck!!!


If you haven't heard Loso's Way yet GO AND COP THAT ALBUM...its sick

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