Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Amber Rose Dilemna

Ok so I recently say a post about this on my friends blog ( Now I agree with her that the look isn't for everybody. What look is? Anyway, I don't whole heartedly agree with her criteria. For one thing, natural coarse hair doesn't mean that you can't get away with rocking a close cut. Prime example, international renowned model Alek Wek. She's pure African and looks amazing in her close cut. She's obviously well groomed but that's all it really takes, proper grooming. The next thing I can't whole heartedly agree with is the whole flawless look thing. While this is a plus it's not a necessity. I mean Amber Rose is just gorgeous but for the most part still human. Rarely will you ever see her without make up and the truth is not all of these barbies are stunning without make up on. It doesn't mean you are out for this look. The whole body thing, well again all a plus for the look but not a necessity. I know some pretty big girls with close cuts and I mean again referring to Alek Wek, she's long and slender but still rocks this do with ferocity. Lastly, style counts. Just about the only thing I can whole heartedly agree with is style. If you lack in it there isn't much you can pull off. If you have to try to hard to make any do or outfit look good on you then I hope you're not too self conscious. I think the biggest thing to worry about when pulling off this look is if you have the head shape for it and if the proportions are there. Anyway, that is all!!


  1. True I feel you I cant complain at your statements. But this look is not for every female. The whole point of me bringing it to light is because a lot of females I have been seeing with is can not rock the style, however a lot of them can. But I still don't think you can be a plain person with this hairstyle. You must be edgy enough to hold your own.

  2. yep, if you're wearing the do just to wear it...maybe you're just tired of taking care of long hair whatever then fine do u...but if you're trying to be popping, you're weraing the do cuz its fierce etc etc then of course you need to bring something more than just a buzz cut to the with anything else in style and fashion