Thursday, September 24, 2009

The mess I ran across on mediatakeout

What's goin on with souljaboy's head?
So they were talking about his little ass chain but umm can we please talk about that hot ass mess of a leather fila track suit Rick Ross got on....Smh that's a shame! he's wearing the whole cow man! The environment, Rick, the environment!
They were praising the boyfriend but umm what happened to her? lol Whitney and Bobby need to step their games upKanye just need to leave that poor girl alone. She still bad though :-)

that is all...after that it's who's taking naked pictures and all that explicit nonesense...until next time :-D

P.S. i'm F***IN excited for the Jordan XI Space Jams to come out....might go to bmore and camp out to make sure I get those

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