Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And I Wonder...

I want you to go to a mirror and look into it. Count how many flaws you notice.......If you actually counted the flaws then something is wrong. No one is perfect so accept them. I am flawless in mine own eye. I've realized what I'm not good at. I've realized that stupid mistakes are going to happen. I've realized that I'm an easy person to like and just as easily dislike. I've realized that there are alot of things in my life that I must work to be better at. I've realized that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. And I Wonder......

I wonder how you improve perfection. As i said before I think I am flawless. The answer I've come up with....Well, the first step is realizing your faults. Being aware and accepting of the fact that no one in this world is perfect is that in itself as close to perfection as you will ever get. No one in this world can ever reach their peak if they think that they have already reached that plateau. The fact that you can never be as good as you can be is the basis for my belief in the word progress. PROGRESS means the world to me. It gives me something to look forward to because I have accepted that I can do better. I can dress better, eat better, look better, organize better, prioritize better, strive better, study better, draw better, sing better, dance better, act better, and im sure by now you get the point. What is true for me is true for every human being. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you aren't good enough because they aren't perfect. You aren't good enough just means that someone else have progressed further than you have and it should only be motivation to do better. BETTER BETTER BETTER. PROGRESS PROGRESS PROGRESS.

I won't rant and rave any longer but I had to let it be known. I'm done. (P.S. you can probably look forward to a tattoo with progress on me sometime...I haven't quite made my mind up yet but I will)

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