Monday, September 28, 2009

The Gender Class

So this girl and I tend not to agree on many things with. I personally think that society has grown beyond he's a pimp she's a hoe. When a rapper talks about hoes and bitches, just think about what he's actually talking about. HOES AND BITCHES! Celebrities are sort after by groupie women and gold diggers in general. These women sleep with them and bow to their every whim to be put in a video. You can't seriously tell me that intelligent, self-respecting women would allow themselves to be portrayed like that. Now on a more personal level. Girls aren't in general called hoes, jumps, pops, smuts, sluts etc etc without reason. My friends from school and I just had this conversation. My boy Denzel said he knew a girl that slept with 10 of his friends who are all friends with eachother (and that's just his neighborhood). She's a certified pop. The general consensus is that you can have fun and do what you want but keep standards at the least. Every guy you have sex with doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend for you to avoid the name calling. I say you're a hoe if you have sex with guys for what they can give you. I say you're easy if you have no standards (i.e. "he's cute" and that seals the deal) or if you don't realize you've had sex with more guys than there is in your high school class picture. To say the least, girls aren't called hoes for no reason. And to address the guy does the same thing he's a pimp thing. Well, its all a pride thing. Guys are just as self conscious and insecure as females are on the low. It's more like competition. If everyone a guy hangs with is nice at basketball and he's terrible they will remind him of it every chance they get. In an equal parallel, guys will remind you that you "ain't on their level" as a sort of "i'm better than you" thing. I can't deal with hoes so I think it says something about the trend. Hoes seek hoes. Think about it.


  1. You are forever tryingto dispell my arguement... That blog post actually isn't finished but I was too blown to finish it.

    And FYI i am not speaking of girls who fukk a lot of people of viceversa for dudes I am just talking bout girls who are flirts... Plently of dudes are flirts and that is what they are and they are not judged for it... On the other hand, a female who is known to be a flirt is calleda hoe. I have seen it happen and they havent seen had sex with anyone... That is why I think it is a miz between societal standards and jealously =/

    Check out my blog he is referencing:

  2. what's crazy is i started writing about exactly that and i didn't feel like it lol....but yea you have to understand that a lot of judgments and assumptions are made based on superficial observation...Flirting isn't supposed to be sexual...teasing is....if u give a guy the idea that you're a freak he'll think you're a freak...if you give him the idea that he'll get it easy then he'll think you're easy...and anyone else will think so looking at the surface...what it looks like doesn't necessarily have to be what it is but it's still what it looks like...i know a lot of flirty girls that know where to draw the line with flirtation and haven't bin called hoes just flirts...again a girl isn't called a hoe for no reason (i mean unless of course the person doing the name calling is irrational or being a hater and that point it doesn't even matter lol)

  3. Right and I believe that is what the issue is. People speak before thinking. For instance, I know I am a flirt but there is definitely a line a draw. I have never had a male call me out of my name or disrespect me. However, a lotof them do get in their feelings because of flirting. If I do not say I like you or have no reason so assume so (esp. with a direct person like myself). But a lot of dudes assume you are just playing hard to get lol...

    However, hating females or people in their feelings being irrational will try and dispel a female for being a flirt like it makes her easyor accesible even if she has not had sex with anyone