Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Advance Your Swagger

Advance Your Swagger How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead by Fonzworth Bentley is definitely on my must read list. I checked this book out at the library today (about a year after I had originally planned to). I finished the book in about an hour, maybe a little more. The book is an easy read and does not clutter itself with big words and useless fluff. Mr. Bentley gets straight to the point on each topic and the book is very clearly organized. If you don't know what the proper utensils to use at a fine restaurant or how to easily exude confidence and "swagger" in your body language alone then this book is a book you should definitely pick up. I give it two thumbs up and I will do my best to remember and follow the guidelines set out by Mr.Bentley, yet another icon in my life.


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