Monday, June 8, 2009

Featured Artist....JAY Z

Now everybody that sits and talks music with me knows that no matter what I do I must mention Jay Z. This man is far from just my favorite rapper (which is now Lupe Fiasco) he's like my favorite person lol. To most people Jay is wack, his flow is awkward, and his punchline game is now where near weezy. Well to all those haters SUCK IT lmao. Me and Jay seem to be in tune. Honestly my life is nothing like his but the things he says and raps about has taught me alot. Not only that but the interests. He's everything I dream to be. I love music and it's a subtle passion of mine, He runs a clothing line and that's something I plan on doing with my life, he ain't a businessman he's a BUSINESS MAN and if I'm anything short of the same thing when I get older I'm killing myself (lol no seriously), MY fave sport I must say is basketball and well he's courtside at damn near every game and is also part owner of a basketball team. The list goes on but I'll end it there. If you haven't listened to what this man says then take some time to pay attention he really is amazing. And for all those that think weezy compares holla at me we'll discuss that lol. Anywho, just like my favorite person should Jay Z addressed the autotuning dilemna that's been troubling me for quite a while now. Check it.

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