Monday, June 29, 2009

BET awards Review

I must say this was one of the worst from BET yet. I wasn't impressed at all with this 3 and a half hour long monstrosity. For the bit of it that I saw only a few parts stood worthy of even being mentioned. Here are some of the highlights from what I saw.

Beyonce's Performance:
I was less than unpleasantly surprised. Beyonce tried stepping out of her box a bit to put on this snooze of a performance last night. What a bummer. I want the ass shakin, spandex and leather wearin Beyonce back!! And I think she tried to do opera? WTF? maybe next time Bee. (she's still my step mother though so whatever)

Keri Hilson's dress:
Definitely a hit. She took a leap into the deep end with this one. With enough color to make you take a second look and not want to say "What is she tryin'?" and odd shapes reminiscent of comic book illustrations, the dress was definitely outstanding. Two thumbs up Keri :-)

Maxwell's performance:

There isn't much to be said about this. I think Jamie said it all lol. He's definitely out to prove he's still got it.

Alica Keys and Wyclef Jean for their efforts over seas:

I'm proud to call myself an Alicia fan. Both of these artists have played their roles in my playlists for years and it's always good to see someone with the resources making a difference in the lives of people who need it.

Recognition of Black Milestones in America:

From recognizing Philadelphia, Mississippi's first black mayor to the "Food from the Hood" program was definitely an inspiring touch to the dull events of last night.

Jamie Fox:

The man is hilarioius I must say. I wish that movie with him and Martin Lawrence were real. The only thing I was a little dissappointed in were those cheap, rush job, imitation Michael Jackson costumes they put on Jamie and well the fact that Jamie sang. He can sing but goodness that's not why I'm a fan. And they most definitely could have done a better job selecting who sung the "I'll Be There" Tribute.

The old heads:

some good, some bad. But these dusty old men can't do it lik they used to and we all know that. BBD they were obviously way over the hill. They had to bring Neyo out to close the act. And Keith Sweat turned the ladies on bout 20 years ago, chill. The O'jay's was a good performance though.

Drake/Young Money performance:

Atrocious. Utterly atrocious. And what was with the little teeny boppers on stage with those horrendous outfits on while young money is performing "i just wanna fuck every girl in the world" oops i'm sorry "i just wanna love every girl in the world"? I hear Wayne's daughter was one of them....HMMM!!!!!

Janet's appearance:

Touching, but Joe Jackson was there too. Couldn't he at least have accompanied her on stage?


SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!! Jay-Z's performance may well be the best performance of the night. Check it out yourself here.

and the DOA video is on POINT like a one way sign (skip to 31 seconds for the music vid):

I love this man yo.

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