Friday, June 12, 2009

Featured Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Now this man has replaced Jay Z as my favorite rapper but Jay Z most def still holds the spot as my favorite person in this world lmao....Lupe Fiasco is one of the rappers I must say, if you have never paid attention to the lyrics of any piece of music he's definitely the one to listen to....From turning a city to a robot in Daydreamin' to exposing some of the world evils in American Terrorists...The stuff he talks about is not just real life, it's intelligent....I listen to Lupe when I need a little taste of reality in my music....He's not known for punchlines and bass heavy beats...I must say that he was made for the music he makes....And his sense of style is just pristine....Major japanese street culture enthusiast and the stuff he likes I dream of everyday lol...One of my favorite things about him though is his performances...His energy level almost transcends to you and I swear he's made for the stage...Here's a clip of him doing Streets on Fire at Saint John's University in New York....I was at this concert :-)

-the picture i got from the L.U.P.End blog and they got it from 944 magazine

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