Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Reviews

Here's my reviews of the movies I've seen lately


Plot summary: A man's childhood love dies and leaves him with a promise to live atop Paradise Falls. When a confrontation with a construction worker outside of his home forces him to give up his house and move to a retirement home, the man decides that he would keep his promise to his wife. He fills a crazy amount of balloons, ties them to the house and just as they came to take him away he let's them go. The balloons uproot the house from its foundation and he was off. A young scout ends up stuck with him because of a badge he was trying to earn. Once they reach paradise falls they are joined by a talking dog and a ginormous bird. Some explorer guy that was there for years was hunting the bird to show the public as a plot for fame and money i suppose. In the midst of it all the man bonds with the boy, bird and the dog. So he did what he would not allow the bird be captured. Anyway you'll get it a little better if you go see it

Rating: i give it an A-
The movie had some dumb funny parts I can't lie but it definitely ended too quickly for my taste. All in all I really enjoyed the movie though.

Drag Me to Hell:
Plot summary: There's this crazy curse. The lamia is some goat spirit thing that comes and torments the person that owns a cursed object. The girl is a loan broker for a bank going for an assistant manager position and she denied a lady to kind of impress her boss but she messed with the wrong bitch lol. Anyway the old lady meets her in the parking lot they fight and the old lady curses her. The rest of the movie is the girl trying to avoid being dragged to hell.

Rating: A+
I was really lovin this movie lol. I saw it twice already. It's supposed to be a horror movie but if you ask me this movie was a comedy. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Some of the things were a little annoying but all in all I laughed myself to tears in this movie. I say it's a must see.
The Hangover:
Plot overview: This is an easy one. Bachelor party in vegas. They get blown out of their minds and wake up the next day, realized they lost the groom and none of them remember what happened the night before so they have no idea where to begin to look for their friend.

Rating: A+++
I must say it's one of the best movie I've seen in a really long time and I see ALOT of movies. Out of all the movies out I say that this is the one you should most definitely go see. I think just about every minute of this movie was funny from start to finish. And I advise you stay for the credits.

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