Monday, June 8, 2009

Things to come

Well I just started the blog and it's a bit difficult to get things rolling so i'vebeen planning. Here's what i've got in store and what you should look out for:

- Featured Artists: every week or so I'll give a shout out to some artist whether known or unknown so stay tuned for that.

- Clothes/Shoes/Fashion updates: well everyone knows it's my life so why not.

- Discussions about the things that trouble me in music fashion and culture like that autotune thing and leggins.

- Jay's race schedule.

- Jay's race results.

- Jay may soon be recording mini documentary videos, shoutout videos, update videos etc so stay tuned for that.

- Jay himself may start writing posts too so that should come.

As for right now that's all i've got so hopefully I get that up and running soon.

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