Monday, June 29, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Now yall know i had to do one for the king. Michael Jackson single handedly reigned as the greatest performer to ever live. It's sad that it took him passing for some people to give him praise but I've always been a true fan. I laughed with the jokes and made some myself but in truth I never thought of MJ as anything less than a legend. I didn't believe he molested that boy and I never thought he'd begin to fall apart as he did. Everybody knows I've really become interested in dance but in truth I've loved dance since I was still in diapers. Michael Jackson to me was one of my favorite dancers of all time. His isolations, his locks, his movement, his signatures, everything. No one in this world will ever do the moonwalk like him. He truly was the greatest. And to be honest I don't think anyone else in this world will ever do what he did with Thriller, ever in this lifetime. No one is so versatile. Not even Lil Wayne. I must say I took it as a loss to this planet when MJ passed but his legacy lives. His music remains timeless and he will never be forgotten. I love you Michael. R.I.P.

BET awards Review

I must say this was one of the worst from BET yet. I wasn't impressed at all with this 3 and a half hour long monstrosity. For the bit of it that I saw only a few parts stood worthy of even being mentioned. Here are some of the highlights from what I saw.

Beyonce's Performance:
I was less than unpleasantly surprised. Beyonce tried stepping out of her box a bit to put on this snooze of a performance last night. What a bummer. I want the ass shakin, spandex and leather wearin Beyonce back!! And I think she tried to do opera? WTF? maybe next time Bee. (she's still my step mother though so whatever)

Keri Hilson's dress:
Definitely a hit. She took a leap into the deep end with this one. With enough color to make you take a second look and not want to say "What is she tryin'?" and odd shapes reminiscent of comic book illustrations, the dress was definitely outstanding. Two thumbs up Keri :-)

Maxwell's performance:

There isn't much to be said about this. I think Jamie said it all lol. He's definitely out to prove he's still got it.

Alica Keys and Wyclef Jean for their efforts over seas:

I'm proud to call myself an Alicia fan. Both of these artists have played their roles in my playlists for years and it's always good to see someone with the resources making a difference in the lives of people who need it.

Recognition of Black Milestones in America:

From recognizing Philadelphia, Mississippi's first black mayor to the "Food from the Hood" program was definitely an inspiring touch to the dull events of last night.

Jamie Fox:

The man is hilarioius I must say. I wish that movie with him and Martin Lawrence were real. The only thing I was a little dissappointed in were those cheap, rush job, imitation Michael Jackson costumes they put on Jamie and well the fact that Jamie sang. He can sing but goodness that's not why I'm a fan. And they most definitely could have done a better job selecting who sung the "I'll Be There" Tribute.

The old heads:

some good, some bad. But these dusty old men can't do it lik they used to and we all know that. BBD they were obviously way over the hill. They had to bring Neyo out to close the act. And Keith Sweat turned the ladies on bout 20 years ago, chill. The O'jay's was a good performance though.

Drake/Young Money performance:

Atrocious. Utterly atrocious. And what was with the little teeny boppers on stage with those horrendous outfits on while young money is performing "i just wanna fuck every girl in the world" oops i'm sorry "i just wanna love every girl in the world"? I hear Wayne's daughter was one of them....HMMM!!!!!

Janet's appearance:

Touching, but Joe Jackson was there too. Couldn't he at least have accompanied her on stage?


SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!! Jay-Z's performance may well be the best performance of the night. Check it out yourself here.

and the DOA video is on POINT like a one way sign (skip to 31 seconds for the music vid):

I love this man yo.

Junya Watanabe 2010 Spring

For those of you who don't know, Junya Watanabe is one of Japan's most noted designers today. He's also one of Lupe Fiasco's favorite designers. You can check out a preview of his Spring 2010 Runway collection by clicking here.

-via Hypebeast

Thursday, June 18, 2009

J's feature in the Trinidad Guardian

"Njisane's Life in the fast Lane" by Cherisse Moe

"Blessed with enviable good looks and amazing talent, 18-year-old Njisane Phillip is truly the complete package. Standing at an eye-catching 6’1”, Phillip is quite a hit with the women. Oh, and he’s pretty good at cycling too.

Lightening speed

After winning his first US Junior Track Nationals at the tender age of ten, the cycling sensation—who has been back and forth between the US and Trinidad for the past seven years—knew that big things were in store. Fast-forward to eight years later and Phillip is still burning things up on the tracks.

On May 27, at the Arima Velodrome, he fulfilled yet another goal in his professional career by shattering the national record at the Match Sprint event. Phillip put his legs to work and cycled his way to the finish line in 11.64 seconds, bettering the previous time of 11.85 seconds set by 23- year-old Christopher Sellier."



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

peep this vid on black music month

Some interesting voices with some interesting things to say....Lupe Fiasco speaks first

Review of the Ralph Lauren Fall 2009 Runway

Kind of old but still important...3 guesses why :-)

"Ralph Lauren ought to be a pretty reasonable barometer of menswear's reaction to reality. For Fall, he went back to his roots, true, but he wasn't playing safe. Well, maybe just a little bit with Polo, where what I've come to think of as the Greenwich Village group (trust fund artist/boho) was nowhere in evidence. Instead, there was a navy blazer paired with gray flannels, a yellow cabled cashmere cardie, and a banker-striped shirt that was quintessential Bedford, N.Y. One group was actually called Bedford Estate: Dusty pink cords and an authentic-looking Fair Isle gave the prep some punch. Another, the thirties/collegiate-influenced Rivalry Field, spotlit Lauren's innately cinematic flair for vintage, particularly with a red leather varsity jacket.

With Black Label, Lauren consolidated the monochrome urban mood that is this range's signature, motocross leathers and all. Special Agent was marked by the metallic pewter tone of a parka, and the Monza group was based on a car interior (sleeves had "podding" details—you learn something every day). But it's with Purple Label, his top line, that Lauren pulled off his best "What, me worry?" performance. Still the trim Savile Row silhouette with a pop of color in the shirts—and a fresh new luxe in a cashmere hoodie paired with a jacket in a silvery herringbone—but there was also a little devil in the details: a silk tie with a motif of topper-sporting skulls, a shirt with horizontal stripes, a twinset of cabled sweater and cardigan.

— Tim Blanks"

ZT.V. Summer edt..

Z.T.V Summer ETD from Zamark Fleming on Vimeo.

My homeboy Zamark that runs his own blog,, records some video blogs every now and then for a running series he calls ZT.V. Check out the latest of the videos that features some more of my friends. Shouts to Zamark, Matt, Chanel, Maygin and George for a hilarious episode of ZT.V.

Advance Your Swagger

Advance Your Swagger How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead by Fonzworth Bentley is definitely on my must read list. I checked this book out at the library today (about a year after I had originally planned to). I finished the book in about an hour, maybe a little more. The book is an easy read and does not clutter itself with big words and useless fluff. Mr. Bentley gets straight to the point on each topic and the book is very clearly organized. If you don't know what the proper utensils to use at a fine restaurant or how to easily exude confidence and "swagger" in your body language alone then this book is a book you should definitely pick up. I give it two thumbs up and I will do my best to remember and follow the guidelines set out by Mr.Bentley, yet another icon in my life.




Monday, June 15, 2009

some super high tops i can definitely get wit

nike 2009 auto flights...these go diggin the auto force 180's too



J you should definitely cop this

But don't expect to cost any less than like $75 US suits you tho "CYCLEdelic"



Sunday, June 14, 2009





Movie Reviews

Here's my reviews of the movies I've seen lately


Plot summary: A man's childhood love dies and leaves him with a promise to live atop Paradise Falls. When a confrontation with a construction worker outside of his home forces him to give up his house and move to a retirement home, the man decides that he would keep his promise to his wife. He fills a crazy amount of balloons, ties them to the house and just as they came to take him away he let's them go. The balloons uproot the house from its foundation and he was off. A young scout ends up stuck with him because of a badge he was trying to earn. Once they reach paradise falls they are joined by a talking dog and a ginormous bird. Some explorer guy that was there for years was hunting the bird to show the public as a plot for fame and money i suppose. In the midst of it all the man bonds with the boy, bird and the dog. So he did what he would not allow the bird be captured. Anyway you'll get it a little better if you go see it

Rating: i give it an A-
The movie had some dumb funny parts I can't lie but it definitely ended too quickly for my taste. All in all I really enjoyed the movie though.

Drag Me to Hell:
Plot summary: There's this crazy curse. The lamia is some goat spirit thing that comes and torments the person that owns a cursed object. The girl is a loan broker for a bank going for an assistant manager position and she denied a lady to kind of impress her boss but she messed with the wrong bitch lol. Anyway the old lady meets her in the parking lot they fight and the old lady curses her. The rest of the movie is the girl trying to avoid being dragged to hell.

Rating: A+
I was really lovin this movie lol. I saw it twice already. It's supposed to be a horror movie but if you ask me this movie was a comedy. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Some of the things were a little annoying but all in all I laughed myself to tears in this movie. I say it's a must see.
The Hangover:
Plot overview: This is an easy one. Bachelor party in vegas. They get blown out of their minds and wake up the next day, realized they lost the groom and none of them remember what happened the night before so they have no idea where to begin to look for their friend.

Rating: A+++
I must say it's one of the best movie I've seen in a really long time and I see ALOT of movies. Out of all the movies out I say that this is the one you should most definitely go see. I think just about every minute of this movie was funny from start to finish. And I advise you stay for the credits.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pharrell talks cupcakes

So listen to the price it sold for in the first 30 minutes of being on display....SMFH....but this is the reason why I respect Pharrell.....Not only is he one of the fashion and music icons in my life he's an intellectual dude...listen to him talk....real stuff man

Nike Air Hoop Structure Triax

The triax colorway of the Nike Air Hoop Structures go manz Matt put me on to these yesterday....I give them my stamp of approval

-via hypebeast

Featured Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Now this man has replaced Jay Z as my favorite rapper but Jay Z most def still holds the spot as my favorite person in this world lmao....Lupe Fiasco is one of the rappers I must say, if you have never paid attention to the lyrics of any piece of music he's definitely the one to listen to....From turning a city to a robot in Daydreamin' to exposing some of the world evils in American Terrorists...The stuff he talks about is not just real life, it's intelligent....I listen to Lupe when I need a little taste of reality in my music....He's not known for punchlines and bass heavy beats...I must say that he was made for the music he makes....And his sense of style is just pristine....Major japanese street culture enthusiast and the stuff he likes I dream of everyday lol...One of my favorite things about him though is his performances...His energy level almost transcends to you and I swear he's made for the stage...Here's a clip of him doing Streets on Fire at Saint John's University in New York....I was at this concert :-)

-the picture i got from the L.U.P.End blog and they got it from 944 magazine

Thursday, June 11, 2009


In search of victory, she keeps it (..
If only we could be together momentarily
We could make love, and make history
Why won`t you visit me, until she visits me

I`ll be stuck with a sista, her name is defeat
She gives me agony, so much agony
She brings me so much pain
So much misery, like missing your last shot
And fall to your knees .
As the crowd screams, for the other team
I practice so hard for this moment victory don`t lead
I know what this means, i`m stuck in this routine
Whole new different day, but the same old things
All i got is dreams, but nobody else could see
Nobody else believe, nobody else but me
Where are you victory, i need you desperately
Not just for the moment. to make history

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jay Z at summer jam 2009

this man shuts the game down i swear

Kelly Peters!!!!!!!

This man is sick wit it...Crazy skills with the poppin....If only i were good enough I would say take his classes at BDC lol....AND I MUST SAY IM LOVING WHAT HE DID TO EMPHASIZE WHEN RICK ROSS SAYS POLO!!!!!...Anyway check this video that was posted on his facebook...he choreographed a piece to "Made Bach Music" by Rick Ross featuring T-Pain

Kelly Peters - "Made Bach Music"

Monday, June 8, 2009

lmao im lovin it...Liberian whop

This kid ripped looks kinda lik the calm dem down a jamaican lovin it

Things to come

Well I just started the blog and it's a bit difficult to get things rolling so i'vebeen planning. Here's what i've got in store and what you should look out for:

- Featured Artists: every week or so I'll give a shout out to some artist whether known or unknown so stay tuned for that.

- Clothes/Shoes/Fashion updates: well everyone knows it's my life so why not.

- Discussions about the things that trouble me in music fashion and culture like that autotune thing and leggins.

- Jay's race schedule.

- Jay's race results.

- Jay may soon be recording mini documentary videos, shoutout videos, update videos etc so stay tuned for that.

- Jay himself may start writing posts too so that should come.

As for right now that's all i've got so hopefully I get that up and running soon.

Featured Artist....JAY Z

Now everybody that sits and talks music with me knows that no matter what I do I must mention Jay Z. This man is far from just my favorite rapper (which is now Lupe Fiasco) he's like my favorite person lol. To most people Jay is wack, his flow is awkward, and his punchline game is now where near weezy. Well to all those haters SUCK IT lmao. Me and Jay seem to be in tune. Honestly my life is nothing like his but the things he says and raps about has taught me alot. Not only that but the interests. He's everything I dream to be. I love music and it's a subtle passion of mine, He runs a clothing line and that's something I plan on doing with my life, he ain't a businessman he's a BUSINESS MAN and if I'm anything short of the same thing when I get older I'm killing myself (lol no seriously), MY fave sport I must say is basketball and well he's courtside at damn near every game and is also part owner of a basketball team. The list goes on but I'll end it there. If you haven't listened to what this man says then take some time to pay attention he really is amazing. And for all those that think weezy compares holla at me we'll discuss that lol. Anywho, just like my favorite person should Jay Z addressed the autotuning dilemna that's been troubling me for quite a while now. Check it.